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ABT: Quantum Fitness, Teaches our bodies new Tricks!

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Quantum Fitness Develops One of A Kind Ab Machine that Incorporates a Cardio and Lower Body Workout
Quantum Fitness provides and efficient way to incorporate a cardio workout into a strength training workout for the abs and lower body., 7/21/2010 - Stubborn abdominal fat is the bane of many people’s existence. In order to help with this, Quantum has developed an innovative ab-machine. The Quantum ABT has been made to incorporate the necessary cardio workout for fat reduction into a strength machine. With the use of adjustable speed settings and movements, it is possible to get a full abdominal, lower body and cardio workout.


The Quantum ABT allows users a simultaneous ab and lower body workout. For an effective upper and lower ab workout, the ABT uses linking technology which is used by the best selling commercial upper and lower ab machines. The lower body workout is achieved through the double lunge motion to give the glutes, hamstrings and quads a complete workout. By adjusting the speed settings, an intense cardio workout can be achieved. Incorporating a cardio workout into an exercise routine is key to getting rid of unwanted fat from the body. The Quantum ABT can give users a 3 in 1 workout to make exercising more effective and efficient.


Quantum Fitness has been a leading manufacturer of high quality commercial and medical fitness equipment since 1990. Quantum continuously innovate its strength equipment in order to keep up with the latest fitness trends and to stay true to its philosophy of “Enhancing the Quality of Life”.