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Double Pulley option
Horizontal to Incline


● Over 50 exercises for total body conditioning

● Only occupies a 10’ wide by 6’ deep by 89” high space

● Combination seated leg curl/leg extension with adjustable starting points

● Allows up to four people to exercise simultaneously

● Combination lat pull down, mid-row/seated arm curl

● Double Stack, adustable pulley raining station

◦ Exercise from a standing, seated, kneeling, or lying position

◦ 15 easily adjusted pulley heights for variety in exercise

◦ Accommodates for exercise from a wheel chair

◦ Allows bilateral or unilateral exercise options

◦ Built in accessory rack

◦ Solid steel weight stacks

◦ Two strap handles, straight bar and ankle cuff standard

◦ QWT bench not included

◦ Full commercial grade with life time warranty on frame