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Jan 8, 2008

The Quantum Stride elliptical is an awesome piece of equipment. It has a very small footprint that is great for small rooms and apartments. The Stride is a self-generating elliptical, so you don't plug it in; you just start pedaling, and the console powers up. In a time when we’re all trying to be more environmentally conscious, this machine helps me feel like I’m doing my part. Quantum’s Stride has 30 levels of resistance, and even at lower levels it’s a better workout than other ellipticals offer at “high” resistance. I think the most noticeable feature is just how well built this machine is; it feels like the Hummer of ellipticals. This elliptical offers all the programs you would want like Heart Rate, 5K, Fitness Test and others. It has very comfortable handgrips and footpads that help make the workout experience more enjoyable. There is also a place for your remote, water bottle or iPod. Overall the Quantum Stride 210C is a remarkable machine.

- Nick


Great Workout

August 14, 2007

Pros: Minimal use of space/stress free workout
Cons: None

I purchased the Q210C Stride Elliptical for my 85 year old grandmother and 65 year old mother. The elegant compact of 44" length takes up minimal space in the quest room. This Stride is easy for all three of us to use. We all have bad knees and with this design it has reduced the stress on our bodies during workouts. I would recommend this Stride to people of all ages.

- generations


Love it!

August 13, 2007

I purchased this unit from Amazon and I love it. It was super easy to put together, and it fits great in my extra bedroom. I would definately purchase again. 

- JP Robinson "fitgirl"


Fantastic design and price!

May 31, 2007

Pros: Natural feel, fun programs and unique design
Cons: None

We bought 4 units for our business work out room and they are used more than any other machine we have. The 21" stride is perfect for everyone and most off all our employees feel very safe using the Quantum Stride.The great price,small footprint, low step in height and secure hand rails closed the deal for us.

I recommend taking a hard look at this Elliptical stride trainer. In my 15 years of using Elliptical trainers, this 210C Stride offers un-equalled features and designs that others do not have.  

- vitabc


Awesome Unit

May 21, 2007

Pros: size, assembly is easy, price is great
Cons: none

I received this unit for my small workout studio and it is awesome. All of my clients love it. I plan to buy 3 more. Unit was easy to assemble and programs are easy to use too.

- marmig