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QIS-8500 :: Power Quad

• The patented Quantum Power Quad is a revolutionary new way to isolate the quadriceps in a functional closed kinetic motion with more intensity than that of a leg extension.

• Sheer forces and patellar compression commonly seen with open chain activity are non-existent with the Power Quad

• The Power Quad is not a leg press and is more effective than a leg extension for isolating the quadriceps.

• Unique pivot point and swing seat combination keep hip angle fixed through the entire range of motion.

• EMG readings verify greater activation of quadriceps on Power Quad compared to leg extension.

• Preventative and rehabilitation protocols for quadriceps strength, power and endurance can now be accomplished in a functional closed chain environment.

• Seat, backrest and foot support deliver safe joint angels to wide range of user sizes.

• Frosted pastel shroud allowing for full user privacy

• Patented* technology exclusively available by Quantum Fitness, a world leader in physical medicine and strength training products since 1990.

* Patent numbers 6,676,577 and 6,605,024.
  Multiple patents pending.

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