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  • Q-1509
    Pec / Rear Delt
  • Q-1519
    High Lat / Mid Row
  • Q-1556
    Leg Extension / Leg Curl
  • Q-1593
    Leg Press
  • Q-1004
    Chest Press
  • Q-1012
    Shoulder Press
  • Q-1030
    Leg Extension
  • Q-1034
    Leg Curl
We engineer perfection, so you can perfect health.

Quantum Fitness has taken the best of American manufacturing and engineering to bring to you the new ISIS line.  Economically priced without sacrificing the superior biomechanics our products are known for.
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Smooth, powerful and perfected

• Uniquely designed shrouds, allow full user privacy, safety, yet keep your facility bright and welcoming.

• Premium, quality engineering built to withstand years of use 

• Instruction placards which are easy to read and understand.

• Meticulously designed hand grips and foot platform, are angled to keep joints in a neutral position, reducing joint stress and maximizing a safe workout experience.

• Optimal path of motion

• Low starting resistance for users of all abilities.

•Magnetic pin retainers for positive engagement.

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