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QPS-6500 :: Power Quad

• The patented Quantum Power Quad is a revolutionary new way to isolate the quadriceps in a functional closed kinetic motion with more intensity than that of a leg extension. According to preliminary EMG studies, the unique Power Quad showed greater muscle activation of the vastus lateralis, vastus medialis and rectus femoris when compared to a leg extension.

• With its patented closed kinetic chain loading and movement, the Power Quad allows clinically sound functional progressions while maintaining appropriate biomechanical alignment.  More importantly, sheer forces and patellar compression commonly seen with open chain activity are non-existent with the Power Quad, says Dr. Stephen Black, M.Ed, PT, ATC, NSCA-CPT.

• The Power Quad is not a leg press and is more effective than a leg extension for isolating the quadriceps.

• Unique pivot point and swing seat combination keep hip angle fixed through the entire range of motion.

• EMG readings verify greater activation of quadriceps on Power Quad compared to leg extension.

• Preventative and rehabilitation protocols for quadriceps strength, power and endurance can now be accomplished in a functional closed chain environment.

• Seat, backrest and foot support deliver safe joint angels to wide range of user sizes.

• Uniquely designed frosted pastel ice shroud allowing for full user privacy

• Patented* technology exclusively available by Quantum Fitness, a world leader in physical medicine and strength training products since 1990.

* Patent numbers 6,676,577 and 6,605,024.
  Multiple patents pending.

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