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QIS-8200 :: Power Crunch 2000

• University tests prove that the POWER CRUNCH on average, created 52% more muscle activity by the abdominals.

• Dual pivot point design provides simultaneous upper and reverse crunch movements to deliver COMPLETE ABDOMINAL MUSCLE ISOLATION. Simply pull with the feet and upper body.


• Side to side adjustment allows for isolation of the internal and external oblique muscles.

• Resistance can be increased to keep pace with progression in developing the, six pack by simply selecting the desired weight on the weight stack.

• Larger steel bent tubing for maximum stability and sleek new look.

• Upgraded bearings provide smoother, quiet movement with improved durability.

• Wider pads for increased neck, back and body support.

• Patented design combines the two most effective abdominal movements (upper crunch and reverse crunch) to deliver complete muscle isolation.Movement arm starting point easily adjusts from exercise position to control range of motion

• Ergonomically angled duel handgrips reduce stress to wrists

• Conveniently located weight stack allows resistance selection from exercise position

• Open design for ease of entry and exit

• Full length seat back for maximum stabilization of the head and back

• Frosted pastel shroud allowing for full user privacy

Product Specifications

63 x 40 x 68 in/160 x 102 x 173 cm
420 lb/191 kg total weight
200 lb/91 kg weight stack

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