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QAA-9053 :: ABT

• The revolutionary patented ABT is the first and only fitness machine in the world that allows users the ability to work all their “problem areas” with one single exercise.  The ABT doesn’t offer any compromising exercises. In fact, it incorporates the best movements for both the mid section and lower body.

For the Abs:  The ABT is designed to be a complete ab machine.  It uses linking technology found in the best selling commercial upper/lower ab machine.  This synchronized, coordinated upper/lower abdominal movement is unsurpassed in giving the user the best and most complete ab workout possible.

For the Glute, Hamstring and Quad:  The ABT seamlessly incorporates the unsurpassed, time-proven, double lunge motion.  This full range movement works the entire lower body like no single exercise

• By adjusting the speed to a faster setting, like #1 or #2, the ABT can be used for an intense cardio workout.

• This simple, elegant, yet very sophisticated design integrates these distinct, complete exercises, into one seamless extremely easy to use motion. 

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