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Dear Customer,

First, we would like to thank each and every one of you for helping Quantum reach the highest level of growth in our history and achieve our ambitious goal to become a fully integrated fitness solutions company. It is  our pleasure to share our exciting news. With strong customer support and loyalty we were able to implement our aggressive investment plan which included adding some of our industry’s leading sales representatives, engineers and product inventors to our team.  As a result, we have been able to invest heavily in some amazing areas of growth and will continue to bring unique industry leading patented technology to market. 

Our sales management team includes many seasoned industry veterans with numerous years of industry service between them!!  This Quantum team has vast knowledge of every major market in our industry. They all strive to educate and provide you the best market advantage. As a family company, we strive to hear from you and learn from your market expertise.  By building a unified “company-customer team” we can grow the best products and ideas together!    

Quantum’s unique partnership with the leading cardio and elliptical invention team, allows us to bring a near endless stream of patented world-class designs to market. This invention team holds over 100 modern elliptical patents alone and an array of strength and cardio inventions. Patented products assure your business a great advantage over the competition and future growth in a very crowded market.  As with Mother Nature, business nature sends the same message, “only the diverse and strong survive.”
Our cardio engineering and project managers are highly skilled individuals that have formulated many of the most successful cardio products our industry has ever seen. This experienced team can do what many can’t …Make quick product and design decisions.  This allows us to provide the best designs, the most reliable service, and deliver products that get to market before the competition.  Quantum’s new standard in Stride class ellipticals is only the beginning of this new synergy.   

Rest assured that our product and business decisions will continue to be made in a thoughtful, measured manner that keeps your past, present and future business in mind. As we keep you informed, we also encourage and value your involvement, thoughts and input. 
Once again, thank you for your business and the opportunity to demonstrate how committed we are to our joint partnership.

“Diversity is the foundation, a launch pad that brings infinite possibilities for growth and innovation”.


Quantum Fitness Corporation