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Phantom Series  
  • QPS-6004
    Vertical Chest Press
  • QPS-6016
    Biceps Curl
  • QPS-6018
    Triceps Extension
  • QPS-6030
    Leg Extension (w/ ASR)
  • QPS-6034
    Seated Leg Curl (w/ ASR)
  • QPS-6036
    Horizontal Leg Press
  • QPS-6112
    Converging Shoulder Press
  • QPS-6113
    Converging Chest Press
  • QPS-6200
    Power Crunch 2000

  • QPS-6300
    Lat Pulldown

  • QPS-6500
    Power Quad

  • QPS-6509
    Bench/Incline/Shoulder Press
  • QPS-6516
    Pec/Rear Delt

  • QPS-6519
  • QPS-8540
    Seated Row/Upper Back
  • QPS-8542
    Abdominal/Back Extension
  • QPS-6556
    Seated Leg Extension/
    Leg Curl
  • QPS-6566
    Hip Adduction/Abduction
  • QPS-6580
    Glute Shaper
  • QPS-6593
    15° Leg Press/Calf Raise
Sleek, Sophisticated, a love at first sight.

The new captivating Phantom series from Quantum is a milestone in fitness strength achievement, as much for its commanding performance, as it is for its luxurious, emboldened look and feel. With the Phantom’s series masterful American craftsmanship, one-of-a-kind features and user motivating charm; your facility and business will benefit as users will become healthfully enthralled.
Refined, gifted, unforgettable.

•    Uniquely designed frosted pastel ice shrouds, allow full user privacy, safety, yet keep your facility bright and welcoming.  

•    Low profile stance, small foot print, combined with multiple choices of combination and single station machines define Quantum’s new breathtaking Phantom line as an industry leading series.

•    Key converging motion units allow for confident, natural movement and allow for maximum muscle range of motion.

•    Meticulously designed hand grips and foot platform, are angled to keep joints in a neutral position, reducing joint stress and maximizing a safe workout experience.

•    Clear, simple and concise user instruction plaques, coupled with visually integrated graphic design glides the user through the workout.

•    Weight stack integrated 5lb increment plate, allows for gradual increase of resistance for the workout and leads to quicker strength gains.

•    Wide Kevlar weight transference belts and extra wide pulleys, coupled with high quality raw materials create the most durable strength training circuits in the industry.

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