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Quick Kids Circuit
  • QKA-9031
    Vertical Chest Press/Row
  • QKA-9032
    Pec/Rear Delt
  • QKA-9033
    Shoulder Press/Lat Pull
  • QKA-9034
    Arm Curl/Triceps Ext
  • QKA-9035
  • QKA-9036
    Seated Leg Curl/Leg Ext
  • QKA-9037
    Inner/Outer Thigh
  • QKA-9038
    Leg Press
  • QKA-9039
    Shoulder Lift / Tricep Press
  • QKA-9060
  • QKA-9071
    Torso Rotation
  • QKA-9072
    Seated Safety Squat
  • QKA-9074
    Total Power
• QCD-001
    Quick Display
Quick Kids Exercise Health Objectives are to:
 Reduce risk factors of Heart Disease Decrease risk factors of Type 2 Diabetes
Burn Fat Increase Strength
Increase Bone Mineral Density Increase Endurance
Feel and Look Great and Build Confidence
Obesity in children has reached epidemic proportions with 15% of children (roughly
million) in the US being obese. Obesity can lead to social discrimination that can lead to
poor self esteem and depression.

•    Provide properly sized equipment to promote correct exercise technique and body positioning

•    Zero starting resistance that adjusts automatically to keep pace with strength improvements

•    Non-intimidating, space efficient, comfortable and simple to use

•    Provide the basic exercise to work all major muscle groups

•    Make youth training programs enjoyable, sensible, safe and effective

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