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  • QAA-9011
    Vertical Chest Press/Row
  • QAA-9012
    Pec/Rear Delt
  • QAA-9013
    Shoulder Press/Lat Pull
  • QAA-9014
    Arm Curl/Triceps Ext
  • QAA-9015
  • QAA-9016
    Seated Leg Curl/Leg Ext
  • QAA-9017
    Inner/Outer Thigh
  • QAA-9018
    Leg Press
  • QAA-9019
    Shoulder Lift / Tricep Press
  • QAA-9050
  • QAA-9051
    Torso Rotation
  • QAA-9052
    Seated Safety Squat
  • QAA-9053
    All Body Trainer (ABT)
  • QAA-9054
    Total Power
  • QAA-9055
  • QAA-9056
    Squat/Shoulder/Triceps Press
    Glute Shaper / Hip Flexor
  • QCD1
    Quick Display

The Most Versatile Hydraulic Fitness Equipment on the Market-

  • Strength
  • Cardio
  • Therapy
  • Circuit
  • Seniors
  • Women
  • Kids 


The Quick Circuit, a turn key circuit training program utilizing Quantum’s newest line of hydraulic equipment, is Quantum’s answer to the ever growing necessity for fast and effective workouts that can be delivered to your members in a non-intimidating way. Not only does Quantum manufacture easy to use equipment for the program, equipment capable of producing results in half the time; Quantum provides a complete interactive workbook outlining the Quick Circuit program that is full of information and ideas guaranteed to provide a strong return on your investment.

* patent pending

Quick Circuit
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•    Provides non intimidating exercise for all users from totally deconditioned to physically elite

•    Utilizes minimum floor space

•    Transport wheels provide workout flexibility and easy movement to/from storage

•    Zero starting resistance

•    Safe exercise in unsupervised facilities

•    Fixed or adjustable speeds

•    Two exercises per machine for full body workout

•    Designs for correct fit, support and comfort

•    Accommodating resistance for efficiency and safety

•    Unsurpassed commercial quality and warranty

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